Tuesday, September 3, 2013

State Fair Diary: Ribbons and Wrap Up Part 1

This year as we wrap up the Minnesota State Fair I am going to refrain from passing along my profound thoughts and feelings, although as always the experience was mysterious and wonderful. However, I will attempt to impart a small bit of State Fair wisdom upon you.

First, I can tell you that there are some pigs on a farm outside of The Cities enjoying State Fair treats not available to the paying public, as all those edible entries that did not win a ribbon or a place in the display are fed to a sounder of happy swine.

Second, I can tell you that you should never attempt to use generic ingredients in a recipe that will be judged. Generic powdered sugar? Never again. This year my kitchen hosted a string of catastrophes bound for The Fair, and those entries that rose above the misery suffered from Dance Ten Looks Three. But even when your State Fair baked goods or honey items do not win blue ribbons, having them displayed in a case is pretty neat (and I won't turn down my single third place award). Having a friend win a red ribbon and viewing her cool State Fair Play Tent displayed in the main case is pretty neat also.

Third, I can tell you that if your ethnic baking entry, Lussekatter, are crowded in the oven because you are short on time, you should still bring them to The Fair so that you can stand in line with all of the other hopefuls dropping off their entries. Never turn down an opportunity to hang out with fun strangers.

And really, that is what The Fair is all about, isn't it? Strangers become neighbors, neighbors become friends, and we all have fun together... But, I promised not to get all profound on you.


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