Monday, August 19, 2013

State Fair Confidential

The line for the baking competition drop-off yesterday at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds was long and giddy. The ladies in front of us were first timers. Their cookies were pretty enough to be contenders. We peeked into the stroller of the new mom behind us, searching for her 2-month old son. Instead we found beautiful gluten-free cookies, caramel chocolate bars, and three quick breads. Those were really really pretty babies.

A commotion on the street had us all a flutter. Marjorie Johnson, with Chef Andrew Zimmern and plenty of paparazzi in tow, stepped up in line behind us. Marjorie keeps her age a secret, and it is easy to do when you are sporting heels. Yes, her baking impresses me, but so do her shoes.  


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