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Birthday Pizza

Flyagande Jakob Pizza
Happy Birthday little blog! You are ten years old today, and that was my favorite age to be when I was growing up. I started posting at Cultural Construct because I knew something excited was about to happen and I wanted to document it for myself. I've never believed in being bored, and I've never relied on someone else to entertain me, so I knew my life was about to explode because I was running toward adventure. 
Ten years later and I look back on an amazing time. It started with the Icon Solar House, and moved on into completing my masters degree, writing a column for my hometown paper, traveling the country doing demos and teaching (and judging a hotdish competition), appearing on lots of tv shows including the BBC, traveling to Sweden, writing my first book, signing a contract to write the second book, and hanging out with some amazing people along the way. Life is so full that I don't always include my adventures here anymore, even though we con…

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