Singing the GenX anthem

Last week at the Minnesota State Fair a bunch of GenXers gathered to pay tribute to the band that played the anthems of our youth. Hootie and the Blowfish (taking the stage following lead-ins Bare Naked Ladies) reminded us what it was like to be young and relatively worry-free. We danced and sang along, waving our hands and beers in the air. It was a giant keg party for a generation that didn't realize we'd eventually become middle-aged. I guess no one thinks it is going to happen to them, but then your friends become grandparents and your boomer sister retires and time has slipped away without you noticing.

Relishing in that youthful bliss we were able to forget, if only for a few hours, what the world has become.

Hold My Hand - Hootie and the Blowfish
With a little love and some tenderness
We'll walk upon the water
We'll rise above the mess

With a little peace and some harmony
We'll take the world together
We'll take them by the hand

'Cause I've got a hand for you, oh
'Cause I wanna run with you


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