Best Christmas Ever (?)

A few weeks ago SNL aired a skit called "Best Christmas Ever." The montage of typical family Christmas moments includes the bad, the ugly, and the just plain uncomfortable. T loved the bit so much he's watched it at least a dozen times. It's funny because it rings so true.

We had our own Best Christmas Ever this year. On Christmas Eve our refrigerator was filled with hundreds of dollars worth of prime rib, walleye, and shrimp ready to bring to my mom's house for our large family celebration. I eat beef very seldom these days, and it is such a treat. I could hardly sleep, my excitement was so high. I woke early Christmas morning to bring the prime rib out of the cold so it would get to room temperature before we roasted it slowly to a perfect medium rare.

I pulled the roast out of the fridge and thought things seemed a bit peculiar. The temp was more Florida spring than Minnesota winter. A quick check of the thermometer told the story: the fridge was broken and our Christmas was ruined. Visions of "A Christmas Story" and the Bumpuses' dogs filled my head.

A quick call to my brother-in-law assured me that we'd make due. "Bring the food! We'll see how it is!" he consoled.

In the end the food was just fine. The walleye and the shrimp were some of the best we'd tasted, having maintained just enough chill to keep save overnight. The prime rib was exquisite. We ate our fill and Christmas was saved.

The fridge did not fare as well as our Christmas dinner. A new model will be delivered this week. Meanwhile, we are eating out of a dorm-sized fridge and storing most of our old condiments in the garage.

I've decided 2019 will be one of improvisation and gratitude. 2018 was not a stellar year for anyone I know, but I am hanging on to hope for what's to come.


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