Friends Thanksgiving Year 20

We gather on the Saturday before Thanksgiving and recall the many years we've spent together as friends. We feast on mostly vegetarian fare in honor of those among us who don't eat turkey, and every year the wine gets a little better, the roaring fire a little more comforting, and our bonds a little stronger. Every year I am more and more grateful for those bonds of friendship.

This year our menu was slightly eclectic. My contribution was the wild rice blini (see photo). Get the recipe here.

2014 Friends Thanksgiving 
Tasty treats from Broders

First course
Caesar Salad with tofu dressing
  The most gorgeous delicious loaf of bread ever baked (contributed by 
my friend's accordion teacher's husband)

Main course
Curried vegetables
Roasted potatoes with caramel and prunes (from "Jerusalem: A Cookbook")
Wild rice blini with cranberry mostarda and crème fraîche

Pumpkin mousse
Salted caramel monkey bread
Espresso and mulled wine


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