Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Giving Thanks

We keep recalculating how many years we've had Friends Thanksgiving. We pretty much agree this year was number nineteen.

We friends who have been together since before junior high. We friends who stood next to each other in Mr. Hansen's A Capella Choir and together marched down the streets of Osseo in Mr. Kuno's band and took Honors English from Ms. Wills whose brother Kevin Kling was our local celebrity and small town guy who made it big. We friends who have seen each other through Barbie Dolls and adolescent angst and boyfriends and college and weddings and first homes and our own kids who occasionally played with Barbie.

We scattered to colleges across The States and overseas and when we came back home to Minnesota half of us had become vegetarians. Those veggies among us shared torturous tales of gnawing on raw carrots and pickles while their families celebrated All Things Bird. Thus we began our annual Vegetarian Friends Thanksgiving, which takes place the Saturday before the actual holiday, when we feed the hungry vegetarians and give thanks for our longstanding friendships.
2013 Friends Thanksgiving 

Tasty treats from Broders

First course
Peanut and Sweet Potato Soup
Pumpkin rolls

Second course
Kale salad with fennel, dried cranberries, and hazelnuts

Third course
Zucchini, red pepper, and corn bread pudding
Green beans and mushrooms 
with b├ęchamel, fried shallots and sage 
Relish tray

Pear tart and espresso

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