Friends Thanksgiving

I blinked and suddenly it is November.  Time to think about the feasts that precede Jul and New Year.

For about 15 years a group of my friends have come together every pre-Thanksgiving Saturday to celebrate what we call Friends Thanksgiving. It began as a way to sooth the vegetarians who complained that the only thing they could eat at their families' tables were the pickles and raw carrots. "Even the mashed potatoes have chicken broth in them!" Along with an assortment of guests the core group continues to come together annually and prepare a (sort of) vegetarian meal.

We've had successes and failures; tofurkey assembled from scratch, grilled stuffed Chilean sea bass back before it was on the avoid list, wild rice crepes that flopped, and the elephant pancreas Jell-O mold. This year we are revisiting a main course from several years ago, pumpkin lasagna. What could be better than cubes of pumpkin that are layered between fried sage, béchamel, and pasta? I’ll post the recipe closer to our event.

My family celebrates Thanksgiving at my oldest sister's house.  Every year following our turkey and stuffing (but before pie) we each express thanks for the blessings of the past year.  Does your Thanksgiving feast include a "round of gratitude"?


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