Julgransplundring and Other Weekend Duties

The weekend hardly began and already Sunday is upon us. A pot of barley pudding is simmering in the kitchen, the cats are actually getting along, and it is Julgransplundring which in our house means it is the day we take down our Christmas tree. Last night while our beloved Packers lost their bid to continue in the playoffs we snacked on little bites of shrimp-cucumbers, BBQ chicken skewers, twice baked mini-potatoes, and jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and topped with pepper jelly. So long holidays, so long football season, so long weekend.


Spicy! Looks delicious, and sounds like a perfect weekend.
patrice said…
Not as spicy as I thought they'd be! Must be a dull growing season in CA, Mexico, or wherever those jalapenos came from :)
Mrs. L said…
I love the idea of Julgransplundring! We usually wait until the weekend after Epiphany to take down all our decorations...which usually takes us a week!
And sorry about that football game, didn't know I was rooting against yah :)

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