In Sweden, julgransplundring (the plundering of the Christmas tree) is a final party to celebrate the season and eat up all of the remaining treats.  On January 13 Swedish families dance around their trees and sing, then ceremoniously remove the decorations before tossing trees out into the cold.  It is important to remove the tree from a different doorway than it was brought in (for luck). 

We had our own Minnesotan version of a julgransplundring yesterday, a few days early.


frimp said…
Do the Swedes have a day for a ceremonial throwing away of old food in the frig?
patrice said…
yes frimp, it is called fredag - Friday is the day to clean your house in Sweden. Are you frig-challenged my friend?
Unknown said…
Thanks for a well described julgransplundring in English!

/Åsa, www.swedish2go.com

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