Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Comfort Me With Donuts

I love having a January birthday. I love sparkling snow before the sun comes up, as we had this morning. I love wind chills and frozen landscapes. I love stoic Minnesotans who trudge through the coldest month of winter without complaint and glad for their woolen mittens and scarves. When the coldest week of the year happens around the 23rd, I feel like the Chosen One. Like God or Mother Nature or Whoever is in charge has bestowed upon me not only a strong character but also the ability to step toward the future and start clean as a fresh snowfall. When the cold air takes my breath away, I embrace it.   

Ruth Reichl can have her apples. I am a donut/doughnut girl (spelling optional, yeast-risen and fried not optional), and today is my annual donut bonanza. My birthday means partaking in the two foods I am most addicted to and  that I savor but once each year: donuts and Cheetos all around!

If you are lucky enough to live in Minnesota, go outside today and relish the beauty of fresh snow, cold air, and new beginnings.

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