Donuts I Have Loved

I have a pastry box full of addictions, from tanning to bread, television to potato chips.  When the day comes that I succumb to my favorite of these happy treats you will find me curled up and passed out, surrounded by empty bakery and Cheetos bags; donut sprinkles glazing my lips, and orange powder dusting my cheeks and fingers.  You may scoff at the idea of someone overdosing on processed sugar and fried cheese, but it can happen.  The fear of that descent keeps me from indulging in them throughout the year, and I save them to savor on my birthday, and only then.  Sweet bliss and oblivion... no wonder January is my favorite month.



frimp said…
The foot of Homer J Simpson?
stephaniesays said…
hope you liked your birthday donuts!
patrice said…
I loved my birthday donuts, thank you! I even ate one of Homer's painted toes.

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