Hungry Hungry Haley

I mentioned last month that our elderly Persian is experiencing a renewed interest in eating.  She's gone from petite to pudgy, and makes constant demands for her favorite treats (asparagus, green beans, and anything creamy or salty).  Cats should not eat dairy so we don't allow her to indulge in the cheese and butter she craves.  A bite or two of asparagus, on the other hand, causes her to purr and forget all about T's cheese plate appetizer.

Yesterday I made the mistake of not emptying the trash before leaving for work.  I compounded this mistake by neglecting to heap cat food into the girls' dishes.  By the time we returned home, Hefty Haley was knee deep in stolen garbage that she spread around the kitchen.  The cream cheese foil was licked clean.  The discarded cheese sauce from our previous dinner was gone.  And I pulled a few remaining asparagus spears from her mouth.

Our tabby Olive stood on the outskirts of the mess, watching her sister with wide-eyed wonder and disgust.

A warning: the photos that follow are graphic and not suitable for 
small children, cat haters, or garbage lovers. 


frimp said…
Blond blogger...blond cat...hmmmm...
frimp said…
What, no recipe for garbage?!
patrice said…
frimp, instructions for making garbage: add styrofoam chicken containers and uneaten leftovers to coffee grounds, banana peels, and wet paper towels. This is especially good during hot summer months, but that is usually when we compost. good luck!

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