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Haley is 16 1/2 years old this week and she is showing signs of old age.  She's slowed down quite a bit, and her grooming habits are not what they used to be.  Last summer she reverted back to her kittenish ways and ran loops through the house up and down hallways, explored the fenced in area of our backyard, and became obsessed with food.  After an adulthood of cat-anorexia, this passion for eating was most unusual, and our scrawny girl developed a tummy.  As winter set in, she ran less but continued to eat more.  Now, our elderly cat is a fluffy ball of furry lumps.

She still sleeps near my head each night as she has done since the day she moved in, and she follows me around the house (likely hoping I will drop a bit of food for her to snarf up). Some of her teeth are missing, and she doesn't always smell as clean as we'd like, but aging isn't always a pretty process.


Unknown said…
This picture should be framed!!Haley is so awesome!
patrice said…
Thanks! But you should be grateful there isn't smell-a-vision online yet.
frimp said…
Is that a cat or a muppet?

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