Have maple syrup, ready for travel

My final stop in Minnesota was Surdyk's Flights, because everyone knows that nothing sustains a traveller better than a taste of home. Tummy satisfied, I hopped on my flight to adventure in Minot, ND!

"Minot? Why not?" a new acquaintance teased me this weekend when I told him of my gig here in the Magic City. I'll be cooking on the Nordic Stage twice daily at Norsk Høstfest, the largest Nordic celebration in North America. The festivities begin tonight, but already trolls have been transforming the State Fairgrounds into a place worthy of a viking celebration. I'll meet you at the Lefse Mezzanine near the giant Dalahäst.

And for those of you who have always wondered what a maple syrup snob does when travelling to unknown breakfast locales: we bring our own bottle a la Seinfeld. A taste of home, indeed.



Jennifer W-H said…
Patrice, this is Jen from UMN EXT. If you run into Ellen Marie Jensen, a dear friend, tell her who you are, I told her about all your greatness. https://twitter.com/tiiberinieida
patrice said…
Hi Jen. I don't believe I met Ellen but sure did make a lot of new friends!

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