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Summer thoughts in the city

June is in the rear view mirror and already I worry that if I blink July will be gone as well. We commence with our annual binging of "The Civil War," that old Ken Burns documentary that reminds us there has always been moral divide in America. I shouldn't be surprised that the Confederate flag continues to fly in so many places. We even see it in Minnesota, which is a reflection of the waver's values and a warning to me that we likely don't agree.

Global warming, children in cages, an administration bloated with corruption: the signs that our country has lost its place as a world leader cause me to wonder if we ever actually were. There is a saying that we should never meet the celebrities we admire because we will always be disappointed. In the past two years I have become far too acquainted with a nation I once admired.

It is all too easy to feel hopeless.

I heard a guy from England say that Americans grow up to believe they can do or become anything they wan…

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