Fig to Fork: Weeks 4 & 5

Late summer and early fall flavors are beginning to sneak into our weekly Fig to Fork delivery. In recent years zucchini, kale, cucumbers, and green beans haven't inspired me (especially kale, the vile week), but jazzed up alongside other goodies I never thought to match them with and those green flavors are fun again. That's been the surprise of getting these deliveries: taking familiar ingredients and rethinking them into new and simple recipes, often provided in the box by local chefs.

When I opened the box that contained chicken sausage, tortillas, yellow squash, eggs, nectarines, Parmesan, onion, and blueberry I wasn't really sure where to go. Breakfast? Tacos? Kale salad (um, no.). Rummaging through our garden and fridge I found an assortment of bell and chili peppers. I made a chicken sausage with pepper and yellow squash hash and served it with fresh cilantro (still fresh from the prior week's delivery), avocado, and cherry tomatoes.

The kale mingled in equal parts with basil from our garden and grated yellow squash and Parmesan for a kale basil pesto. I included the recipe in last week's Called to the Table.

Unless you are the person actually catching fish and eating it as you pull it from the water, nothing beats fish frozen fresh out of the lake. Our most recent box included Wild Sockeye so perfect and clean that it nearly made me weep. I opted to prepare the recipes provided by Chef Don Saunders of The Kenwood including his cucumber gazpacho and Thai salad, The gazpacho was one of the best dishes I've eaten this year. I'll be making it again tonight for dinner and throughout the rest of cucumber's waning season. It is a blend of cucumbers, coconut milk, Greek yogurt, fish sauce, limes, and sugar. I served it with fresh basil, chunks of avocado, and croutons made from the loaf included in our delivery. Tonight I'll add a bit of heat from chili peppers and nix the sugar.

We ate our salmon with Chef Saunders' Thai salad of green beans, cucumbers, red onion,


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