Fig to Fork Week 2

I'd barely finished the contents of our first Fig to Fork delivery when the second one arrived. Inside I found a generous fillet of arctic char, apples, freekeh, mustard greens, lemons, parsley, a large shallot, peaches, beets, white beans, and a huge container of yogurt.

I love arctic char. It's difficult to go wrong when deciding how to prepare it. The delivery came with a recipe from Chef Jourdan Morris for olive oil poached char, but it was a beautiful summer evening and we intended to grill. I seasoned the char with cumin, lemon zest, and oregano and we dined on fish tacos with corn tomato salad.

Freekah is one of those ancient grains that seems to be new again. It reminds me of what might happen if barley and wild rice had a baby. Chef Jourdan's recipe for Freekah Salad made use of the grain as well as the beans, mustard greens, lemon, shallot, and parsley. I added cucumber and tomato, and we had more salad than we could finish in a few meals. I used the leftover mustard greens, shallot, and parsley for yet another salad (dressed with yogurt and lemon), and we still have plenty of fruit and beets to nourish us through Tuesday's delivery. Tomorrow we'll have peach and apple crisp for post-State Fair dessert. Fig to Fork is the delivery box that keeps on giving.


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