The marathon begins

I am a marathon athlete in training all year. I endure brisk lunch hour walks through the Fairgrounds regardless of frigid windchills or excruciating heat. During long winter months I walk past the Eco Building and the empty Midway lot, watch snow accumulate around the wood carvings, and fondly recall the commingling smells of fried foods and barn animals. The Fairgrounds whisper their countdown to me, "Nine more months... eight more months..."

During the final weeks before Labor Day I pick up the pace, suffering bouts of carb loading and ale guzzling so I can keep up with fellow beer garden visitors. Yes, I am willing to brave any sacrifice for my sport.

My Blue Ribbon Coupon Book is tucked safely into my State Fair fanny pack and I've counted my discount tickets to be sure I have enough for all 12 days. I've mapped out the new exhibits and food. I can spot Giggles, Marjorie Johnson, Fairborne, and Fairchild in a crowd.

I think I am ready.

This is it, kids. Less than a week before the gates open and we enter the 2014 Minnesota State Fair. Tomorrow is drop-off day for the Creative Activities Competitions - my third year of ribbon chasing - and I am prepped and raring to go. Let's get started!

If you've got some carb loading of your own to do, get a terrific recipe for Zucchini Cakes at Called to the Table and pair them with a cold Lonely Blonde.


frimp said…
What's the best new food this year, PJ?
patrice said…
Well frimp, not having dined on any of the new foods yet, I can only answer your question with my assessment of Possible Best New Foods: pretzel cheese curds and jello salad ice cream are on top of my list of must-haves. see you at the fair!

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