Baby's first lefse

We make lefse together each year, celebrating our long-standing friendships and sharing our love of potato flatbread. We hardly have time to reflect on each passing year as it creeps to a close, but nothing marks the passage of time more definitively than the entrance of a newborn and this year little Xo (Zoe) made her first appearance at our party.

At our lefse party everyone is welcome, especially if they are willing to ball, roll, and lift. Workers are rewarded with tasty treats and plenty of gravlax. I understand that newborns are not yet capable of helping in the kitchen. But my expectations for our newest lefse participant are pretty high. I imagine that Xo will be an expert roller by the time she is two.

Perhaps my love of lefse runs deep because it makes a great versatile appetizer. Appetizers and breakfast are the two most underrated meals of all the dining options. This year our friend L turned us on to a fun little sausage and cheese stuffed "tart" which could pass as either an appetizer or a snappy breakfast item. The recipe is over at Called to the Table.


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