Happy Fourth of July!

Photo credit: T's dad

As a kid, for at least one year likely more, T celebrated the 4th looking sharp and riding a snazzy machine. 

Last year I blogged about how I spent mine.  T scanned this old photo of the year our neighborhood designed a Little House on the Prairie themed parade "float." We asked my mom if we could hook the dogs up to the wagon as horse-stand-ins, but she declined.  The kid pulling the wagon had spurs and a real cowboy shirt, and so was selected as lead settler.  I didn't have a bonnet, and so opted for feathers and cowboy boots. Very fashionable, but not quite enough to win the parade.

However you choose to spend your day today, I hope you go in style, spend it with someone you adore, and eat something really tasty.


frimp said…
Even during the Fourth, you still wore Swedish blue...
patrice said…
aw frimp thanks for noticing.

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