Cookies, TV, and libraries

Tomte and "Jul" are making the rounds this week!

Saturday we were invited to join the Star Tribune 2017 Holiday Cookie Contest Winners event at the Mill City Museum. So much fun to meet the winners and taste their cookies. Every single bite was delicious, and deciding on my favorite cookie took a lot of thought and ... um, sampling.

Monday, Tomte and I double booked. We spent the morning at Fox 9 Studio with our new friend Wini from Mill City, appearing on the Jason Show to talk about "Jul" and a recipe contributed by the Dalquist family of Nordic Ware fame. Old Fashioned Gingerbread is delicious and simple. Tomte says he prefers television over lecture halls. I hope he isn't getting a big head with his new found celebrity status. (See audience below and spot my buddies Tiff and Chris.)

We wrapped up our Monday with an appearance at the Eden Prairie Library, where my sisters and one sister's entire book club joined us to talk about immigration, Swedes, food, and fun. Obligatory reminder: Have you hugged your librarian today?

The evening ended in time to brave the season's first snowfall. A little cold and snow makes Christmas feel closer.


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