23rd Annual Friends Thanksgiving

When your best friends are people you've known for (eh hem) four decades or so, you feel pretty thankful. Some of my besties have been reuniting annually each Saturday before Thanksgiving for twenty-three years. We decided this past weekend that we are the original architects of Friends Thanksgiving (now called Friendsgiving by those NOT in the know), and if not the creators, certainly we are in top running for longest Friends Thanksgiving without a breach.

We've been holding court at K and J's house for years, but sadly they left us this summer for the stormy skies of the West Coast. This year we decided to change things up and head out to eat.

We landed at Alma in Minneapolis, where we gathered in a private room to dine and drink, laugh and catch up. After our feast, we headed upstairs to the hotel where a pajama party raged into the wee hours (with a little help from the bartender downstairs who wasn't at all shocked to see a few ladies in their pjs ordering some Old Fashioneds).



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