When you leave cats behind

I am off on an adventure, and leaving T to tend the cats. When it comes to Oskar and Orson, T is the go-to guy for feedings, cleanup, and playtime. I am more of the scheduler and overseer. I've left a large board with reminders to T for the little things he might forget, but he probably wont even notice it. We both know I am a little neurotic when it comes to my two little guys.

When I return, there will be stale water and Oskar will have forgotten to eat a few meals. But neither cat will be any worse for wear, and likely won't even realize I've been gone. Cats and dogs love the ones they're with. Thankfully most husbands don't operate on that model!

I'll return in a few weeks. Meanwhile you can view my adventures on Instagram at nordicfoodgeek.


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