The return of grill season

Before I met T, every season was grilling season. It didn't matter if it was 75 and sunny or 30 below with three feet of snow on the ground: nothing came between me and my grill.

Since settling into this so-called adult life of marriage, work, and high maintenance-cat parenting, we began saving the grill for not-too-busy nights when exhaustion doesn't pull us to the couch and Netflix binging. On those glorious nights when we do grill, life feels exactly the way it is meant to be.

I noticed a year or two ago that my grilled feasts were beginning to take on a predictable pattern. Grill night became taco or pizza night, with little variance. I'm like a kid who demands ice cream for dinner every night, only there is no one to tell me "No!" Because gosh, I love tacos and pizza! The names might not change, but the stuff you put in or on them can be unique and completely not boring. It just takes a little creativity, and a love of the medium.

T has been off mammals for two years now. All winter I've been adding mushrooms to our meals, and I am ready to shake things up a bit. With a little help from Monterey Bay Aquarium (download the app or print out the pocket guide), I've been reaching for a lot more fish. Grilled fish tacos are the taste of summer.


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