Born with appetite

I was born with appetite: a hunger for life, food, drink, love, and laughter that has yet to be satisfied.

On the night of my birth, Grandpa ordered pizza for my sisters (peeza as he called it) because my mom wasn't feeling well. As my mom tells the story, Dad had to race through stop signs and red lights to get her to the hospital where a nurse delivered me as soon as my parents arrived. I believe I was eager to share a slice of peeza with my grandpa and sisters. I've never had patience when it comes to desire.

So this week of birthday celebrating finds me craving the comfort foods of youth. While I am enjoying all manner of amazing cultivated and sublime repast, I also delve into the deliciously lowbrow. All of the regular suspects are present: donuts, Cheetos, pepperoni pizza, and a macaroni and cheese donut fried up perfectly by the lovely folks at Glam Doll.

Before I tried the Belly Buster, I heard a lot of talk and hype. I was skeptical. How could any delight honor my high expectations? But the donut is as amazing as everyone is saying, maybe more so. It isn't actually a donut, more of a macaroni and cheese concoction that is shaped like a donut. My to-go baggy came with a bed of potato chips that were handy to munch on while my donut cooled enough for me to tackle. The interior was everything we look for in a good mac and cheese: gooey, cheesy, and hot. The exterior was reminiscent of cripsy crunchy breadcrumb topping. Perfection.

Another year, another feast. I reach for the next best bite.


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