Nordic kitchens and paj

Over at Called to the Table today is possibly my favorite recipe of the year: Tomat Paj (Tomato Pie) with a creme fraiche custard I borrowed from Chef Magnus Nilsson's "Nordic Cookbook" Taco Paj. This pie is so delicious that T ate two pieces before I'd even served myself. While I made this pie to celebrate the last of the season's glorious tomatoes, I'll make it all winter with a variety of other vegetables.

Meanwhile, I'm getting ready for my second year at Norsk Høstfest. I return to the Nordic Kitchen stage (this year hosted by our own Nordic Ware!) and am anxious to cook modern Swedish food for the masses: Banana Curry Pizza, Kebab Pizza, Flygande Jakob (Flying Jacob - a.k.a. Swedish hotdish!), barley risotto, etc. See you next week, Minot!


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