Day tripping in Minnesota: Alexandria

The good people of Alexandria welcomed T and I last week when we invited ourselves into town to do a little Scandinavian research and exploration. Following a quick two-hour drive from the Twin Cities, we arrived at the Knute Nelson House, aka home to the Douglas County Historical Society, where I received a personal tour of the house and learned a thing or two about Minnesota's 12th Governor.

Later, we checked out the Runestone Museum. For $8 a piece we enjoyed a short movie about the history of the Kensington Runestone and wandered through exhibits about early settlers, Douglas County history, Native Americans, and wildlife. (We actually walked right by the runestone without realizing it.)

The day culminated with a call to Big Ole, the viking who stands on the edge of town. Apparently Ole is as vain as a Bravo TV housewife and was undergoing one of his frequent makeovers. Regardless, he looked pretty good to me.





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