Lazy Mom Sandwiches

This past fall at Norsk Høstfest in Minot, North Dakota I learned about Lazy Mom Sandwiches. During a smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches) demo Danish Chef Stig Hansen joked that his mother always made his lunch from scratch, but his friends at school who had lazy moms often brought sandwiches made of white bread, butter, and thin slices of chocolate.

Too intriguing not to pursue, I searched the Internet for options to import this treat. My search ended when the least expensive shipping topped out at nearly $30 for a small box of chocolate. No chocolate sandwich is worth that kind of cash.

Thankfully, a coworker recently visited Holland and brought back the Dutch version of thin chocolate. We tried the sandwiches in a variety of ways, and all were delicious. In my next life I hope I am born to lazy parents in Denmark so I can enjoy a choklad smørrebrød every week.

While our office sandwiches are an American attempt at the open-faced treat, Danes are artists when it comes to their smørrebrød. To eat like a Dane, be sure to completely cover the bread with toppings (See Chef Stig's examples at the lowest image below.) rather than the meager layers that we put together.

Choklad-Lingon Smørrebrød 
1/2 slice soft white sour dough bread
Thin slices of chocolate from Danish or Dutch distributor
Lingonberry preserves

Spread bread with good layer of butter. Top with lingonberry preserves and chocolate.

Options: toast bread before buttering and topping with fruit and chocolate.  


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