On sharing birthdays with (cat) siblings

No one prepares you for parenthood. We wouldn't believe anything they'd warn us about anyway. How is it possible to fall so instantly in love? How is it possible that we can survive after losing so much sleep to worry? How is it possible that we can fill with such pride at their every accomplishment and feel such pain when they are discouraged? 

Today is the (insert really large number of years here) birthday of my most beloved and cherished girl. And her cat brothers are officially another year older as well. 

In our family we assumed our daughter would be flattered that the cats share a birthday with her. (Oskar was born on December 1, and Orson sometime around the same date.) Alas, no sibling rivalry in this family! After all, we'll play favorites by taking our human daughter out for sushi while her feline brothers will have to make due with an extra spoonful of canned cat food (chicken and herring because this is a special occasion).


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