Fishing with Fig to Fork

"I never really cooked much fish before," my friend K confessed. "But lately, I've been loving it!"

We are both cooking from Fig to Fork deliveries these days, and when those boxes contain fish or seafood our kitchens turn out restaurant quality plates, especially when we follow the enclosed
recipes from local chefs. This month's chef is Erick Harcey whose recipes are phenomenal.

"That salmon!" I offered.

"Oh, that salmon," K agreed. Chef Harcey gave us instructions to sear the salmon and serve with honey glazed carrots (I added potatoes, my spin on Danish sugared potatoes) and walnut pesto (I used local hazelnuts instead of walnut) garnished with basil. It was easily one of the best meals I've ever made.

T always assigns really good dishes a price tag."This is at least a 25 dollar plate," he announced. "Is there more salmon?"

This past week an enormous pile of mussels arrived and I love mussels. K admitted she'd never cooked them before. "Just follow the chef's instructions and you'll be fine," I assured her.

In my kitchen I steamed the mussels in white wine and fresh herbs, and as I squeezed a lemon over the whole thing and took my first bite I announced, "This is at least a $20 plate." T nodded his head in agreement.

(On a side note, Chef Harcey is opening a Swedish restaurant in Minneapolis this month and I can hardly stand the wait!)



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