Blue House Benefit Dinner

It is a fact well known that I cannot take a decent picture of meatballs. (I also cannot make a proper pot of coffee but that is a failure for another day, as currently there is a tall blonde from Starbuck's resting on my desk.) Therefore, you'll have to trust me when I tell you, as I stray from the Law of Jante, that my meatballs are pretty darned good-looking and typically pretty darned tasty.

A friend of mine recently held an auction to benefit the Blue House orphanage, and I donated a Nordic-inspired dinner. Attendees bid on a chance to dine at my friends stunning Scandinavian-designed and decorated home and to enjoy a four course dinner complete with Gamle Ode cocktails and wine pairings all prepared by me. This weekend twelve of us gathered to celebrate the successes of the Ugandan girls from Blue House and raised a bit of money to help continue to great work being done at the orphanage and school.

The only photographic evidence of our evening is the image above, taken post dinner party. Get the recipe for Modern Swedish Meatballs with Lingonberry Curry over at Called to the Table.


Rye Dill Blini topped with Love Tree Farmstead cheese
and pickled cucumbers and poblano peppers


First Course:
Salmon Brandade

Chenin blanc

Main Course:
Modern Swedish Meatballs with Lingonberry Curry
Roasted seasonal vegetables

Pinot Noir

Kladdkaka (Swedish gooey cake), raspberry compote, 
and coconut sorbet



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