Thwarted then saved: Midsommar comes to Minnesota

For the first time in years we didn't get to the Midsommar festivities at the American Swedish Institute. Our elderly cat Olive had some health issues Saturday morning and our plans were, as daughter S. said, thwarted. Rather than dancing around the maypole and singing about small frogs, we spent our Midsommar in and out of the vet clinic and resting with Olive when she returned home to convalesce.

We were grateful for friends who hosted a lovely Midsommar repast later that evening. We dined on meatballs, creamed herring with chives and garlic, lingonberries and quick-pickled cucumbers, the first strawberries of the season, and grilled vegetable-steak kebabs and dilled new potatoes.

When dessert was served and I nearly fell out of my chair. My friend's son and his wife made showstopping meringue pastries filled with lemon curd and whipped cream and topped with strawberries. The pastries were sumptuous with their delicate crumble and tart and sweet fillings. Midsommar was saved.


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