Random acts of indulgent eating

This past month I've made an effort to eat well; healthier and lighter. But a girl's gotta treat herself once in a while and three indulgent dishes stand above the salads and grilled fish I've encountered over these four weeks of lean greens.

First, Julia's Meringue Tarts that I mentioned in my Midsommar post: these little pastries are crisp and airy, and the perfect extravagance for welcoming summer. Find the recipe at Called to the Table today.

Earlier this month I experimented with a lot of radish dishes, including a grilled pizza that pairs radishes with rhubarb. Possibly my most favorite pizza combination ever (at least until I discover the next variant). Rhubarb season is coming to an end, so make this pizza ASAP. This recipe is also at Called to the Table.

Finally, last night the American Swedish Institute hosted a fun lecture with Anju Kataria and Kelly Moe from Khazana in Minneapolis. Their presentation reminded us of the connections between cultures, and how spices from India became the flavors of Scandinavia. Before the lecture we dined at Fika and I tried the shrimp smörgås which was lovely. The big crunch of fried shrimp was mellowed by the sour of a beet-pickled egg and dill remoulade, all served on a slice of earthy caraway rye. (As the Swedes might say), this dish was lagom.

I now return to my regularly scheduled sugar-free, pizza-free, fried-free programming. 


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