Cat Blogging: cats eat stuff

Sure they appear sweet and innocent while in repose, but don't let their gentle demeanor fool you. My cats will eat anything that isn't nailed down. While dogs have a goofy reputation for chewing on sneakers and jewelry, cats are known simply as thieves.

Saturday evening I removed a dozen pins and intricate pulley systems from my wedding hair and set the pieces on the coffee table, too tired to put them in their proper places. In the morning, they were gone. Orson sat in a corner grooming himself with pleasure near the hiding place where he stashed my stuff. This week he's also eaten his 10th pair of earbuds and the top of my flashdrive. Olive is no better. She's become a garbage and recycling bandit and we often find her rolling joyfully in the middle of trash that she's strewn across the kitchen floor after carefully selecting edible morsels from the rubble.

Oskar is the only sane one. He prefers toys over bobby pins and real food over garbage.


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