Asparagus and burrata

What to do with leftover grilled asparagus? Grill some bread, top bread slices with burrata, olives, pickled peppers, and asparagus, and go about your business.

Grilled Burrata Crostini with Asparagus and Olives
6 to 8 slices good bread
Olive oil
8 ounces burrata, sliced into pieces
12 grilled asparagus spears, chopped
18 olives, chopped
2 tablespoons pickled peppers, diced
A handful of fresh basil, diced
Salt and pepper

Brush bread slices with olive oil; grill over direct heat until grill marks form.

Drizzle olive oil over burrata and season with salt and pepper. Top each bread slice with burrata, asparagus, olives, and peppers; garnish with basil.


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