An ode to asian poutine

Yes, I went there. I went there deep. A weekday visit to a little diner billed as Korean fusion had us so excited about that we returned the next day to the Green Spoon near the University of Minnesota Campus in Minneapolis. Earlier in the week a colleague raved about the Kimchi Fries he enjoyed there, so on our second visit they graced the table.

Kimchi Fries are a revelation! A revolution! And delicious. They remind me of an Asian version of the Canadian dish poutine - crisp fries, gooey cheese, and a spicy gravy of aioli all heaped together with garlicky bites of kimchi. More please.

Inspired by those fries, I made them at home. My version isn't quite as tasty as Green Spoon's, but they do just fine on a cold winter's afternoon when I am tucked under quilts on the couch and feel a tad snacky. You can get the recipe at Called to the Table today.

Meanwhile, I am planning my next visit to the Green Spoon. Snowy evenings are the perfect time for enjoying another bowl of bibimbap (with an egg, please), soba noodles in hot broth, and bulgogi bento.


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