State Fair Diaries: singing the no ribbon blues

Does it help ease one's blues (that's no ribbon blues, not blue ribbon blues, and I am sure there is a hit song in there somewhere) when the Minnesota State Fair baked goods that beat you were absolutely wonderful? Yes, it does. Does it help ease one's blues when your Minnesota State Fair baked goods win no ribbons but are put on display in the Creative Activities cases? Yes, it does. And so my no ribbon blues this year are put to rest and, in this post-State Fair state of repose, I begin to plan for next year's contests.

A word about my entries: the Gold Medal cookie is yet another rendition of the lovely little melting moment, this time flavored with T's favorite summertime drink: basil lemonade. The Bisquick waffle is inspired by a, perhaps confusing, fusion of trendy savory waffles, hotdish, and banh mi. Eaten immediately off the griddle with hot chicken and cool quick pickles it is exceptional. Eaten after the concoction sits for an hour or two (the whole thing coming to a sad tepid temp, waffle soggy from the wet chicken and pickles losing both their cool and their crispness), it was likely a real mess when the judges finally tasted it. The waffle itself is made using coconut milk and sesame oil and brings to mind a scallion pancake. That part of the recipe alone is a keeper.

Read about my SPAM entry (another savory waffle concoction) at last week's Called to the Table, and if you prefer hearing from actual ribbon winners, check out my story Ribbon Junkies over at the City Pages Hot Dish blog.

We now return to our regular non-State Fair blogging.


frimp said…
No Ribbon Blues:

No ribbons found here,
I really need a beer,
Please, no reason to fear,
I shall re-enter next year.
patrice said…
frimp! you should quit your day job and become a full-time state fair poet!

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