State Fair Diaries: State Fair peeps

When I first met T he wasn't exactly a State Fair Peep. He'd do his best pretending to drum up enthusiasm when I'd get into State Fair Mode, hobbling alongside me for an hour or two only to ask to rest. He wasn't into the food except for a few bites of fried pickles and a basket of walleye. He didn't know Machinery Hill from the Hippodrome. 

A few years into our relationship I gently suggested that perhaps T should spend the 12 days of our Great State Get Together at home.

That was all it took. Suddenly my former State Fair straggler became an olympian. Now, he cruises the Fairgrounds like a weight lifter on steroids. He eats two, sometimes three baskets of cheese curds in a single day. He can intelligently argue the merits of pronto pups versus corn dogs. He has also become a horse show geek, and insists on watching a few hours of barrel racing or dressage with every visit.

I take full credit for T's metamorphosis. I have created a State Fair Peep. The world could use a few more of us.



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