State Fair Diaries: 4H, food, faces, feet

I spent the best parts of my week hanging with friends and 4Hers at the State Fair. With friends I walked miles and shared mini-donuts, and caught up on important things like how the kids were preparing for back-to-school orientations and how many marathons a few of our husbands ran over the summer. And the 4Hers?! They treated my coworkers and me to a delicious brunch and an entertaining Arts-In musical performance. They also impressed me with their knife and cooking skills at a cooking event I helped judge.

Somewhere during all this Fair bliss I found time to try some more foods I'd not had before including Spaghetti Eddie's Super Stick. I missed it when it debuted last year and just had to give it a try this time around. Imagine an entire pizza on a stick: folds of thick chewy bread wrapped around melted cheese and bits of pepperoni dunked in a spicy marinara sauce. Foodie snobs scoff if you must, but the Super Stick is simple and life changing.

Did I mention the Lobster on a Stick at newish vendor Lulu's (formerly Axel's, that hit or miss vendor at the Food Building)? The prices over in the new West End are shocking but so are the flavors vendors are selling. Lobster claw meat tucked into a sweet batter reminded me of the best hush puppies ever served alongside a steaming tail. The tangy horseradish and coarse mustard sauce married the corn batter crunch with the tender seafood. Even at $9 a pop I'll go back and wait in line for another. (Hint: the line on the north side of Lulu's is shortest. And the prime rib taco? Meh.)

Along the way we made new friends, chased down Fairborne and Fairchild, and one kid lost her sandal. What else happens when a girl gets caught in the whirlwind of the Fair and has no time to post daily blogs? The following:
















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