Skillet biscuits and strawberry coconut ice cream

While Minnesotans, so far, are experiencing a mild summer, rising temps are sure to follow these perfect sunny days. When it is too hot to turn on the oven and too sticky to stand over the grill, I turn to the stove top and pull out a cast iron skillet. Things that I'd normally bake or grill are surprisingly easy to make in a pan. It is amazing what a little surface heat can do to everything from pizza and cobbler, to toast and biscuits.

We've adjusted quickly to our new ice cream machine and I've been cranking out the occasional quart of cool flavors. This weekend I bought a precious pint of fresh local strawberries and knew T would request strawberry ice cream, while I was in the mood for shortcake. Why not combine the two?

With no cream in the fridge I reached for a can of coconut cream for the ice cream, and rather than turn on the oven I made skillet biscuits. Half of the strawberries went into the cream, the other half I macerated in balsamic vinegar, vanilla extract, and maple syrup.

The recipe for Strawberry Coconut Ice Cream is at Called to the Table today. For the biscuits, use your favorite recipe and place biscuits in skillet over medium heat; cover. Check bottom of biscuits to make sure they don't burn. As bottoms begin to turn golden, flip and continue cooking. Adjust heat as needed.


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