Amusing radish pizza

It's still July right? As I calculate things, we've got months of grilling left. That means lots of experimentation with pizza toppings.

My lean pocketbook doesn't allow me to dine at The Bachelor Farmer in Minneapolis as often as I'd like. When you can't take the girl to the restaurant, take the restaurant to the girl (or at least, take some of the restaurant's ideas to the girl).

This weekend our grilled pizza was in honor of TBF's radish, butter, and crispbread amuse. We dotted the dough with Love Tree Farmstead herb sheep cheese, skinny slices of radish, grilled zucchini, and fresh basil. This combination is now my favorite pizza of the summer. Next time I'll add a bit of rye flour to the pizza dough and roll the crust paper thin for a good crispy snap.


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