Aebleskiver brunch

Brunch is meant to be a leisurely celebration with good friends and family. Add a pot of strong coffee, perhaps a flute of champagne, and, of course, amazing food and you've got the start to a perfect day.

I own three aebleskiver pans. The last one I purchased for a steal at the Cook's on Crocus Hill Garage Sale for $25. I had to rub my eyes a few times to make sure the price was correct. It is an electric model with a nonstick surface. The cast iron pan I own cost quite a bit more than this latest version, and the vintage stainless pan was a gift.

Yet, with three lovely pans I still was too nervous to venture into aebleskiver cooking on my own. Thankfully my friend N stepped up and offered a lesson. I brought the bacon, he brought the fillings, and our friends sat around the kitchen table alternately sipping sparkling wine and popping hot balls of dough fresh out of the pans into their mouths. Did I mention brunch is the start to a perfect day?

Aebleskiver are Danish pancakes, made in special pans indented with round wells. Traditionally the cakes are filled with sweet apples, but they can be sweet or savory and filled with fruit, cheese, or any other tasty variation. At first attempt, a cook quickly realizes how simple these cakes are to make. We made several batches including fresh herbs and Gouda, and a sweet version with cherries from N and M's sour cherry trees.


stephaniesays said…
oh YUM, I bet the savory ones were delicious!

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