Cat Blogging: Biggest Loser Update

Another successful weigh-in for Orson. He is down to 22 pounds! The vet is happy, we are thrilled, and Orson remains unflappable (unless there is a possibility he will receive a treat). He is spending warm evenings in the catio with his brother and sister. He loves rolling in his catnip patch and after dinner he dines on a leaf or two of the minty refreshment. Recently Orson adopted the box our new ice cream maker came in as his own space. The irony of our chubby boy sleeping in an ice cream machine box is not lost on us. He continues to beg when we eat, but he offsets the begging with runs up and down the stairs and in fact, Orson is up to 8 climbs a day. 

This guy oozes cool catness.


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