Seasonal citrus

The first time I was handed a glass of grapefruit juice I was disappointed. My family didn't eat grapefruit and I was expecting sweet purple grape juice. I took a sip and my mouth filled with bitter. I relied on all of my strength and good manners to swallow. Many years and pounds of sugar later and I can finally enjoy a tart beginning to my day. Grapefruit is an acquired taste.

Citrus comes into the market just when we need it most. Dark cold days call for bright flavors and Vitamin C. T begins gorging on Clementines around the holidays and doesn't stop until he gets his first dry pithy fruit. I covet blood oranges during this short precious month they are available.

Over at Called to the Table are some tips for sustainable eating during a Midwestern winter and a recipe for winter salad that includes a vinaigrette-splash of tangerine.


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