Recording history (and pizza)

I've got to figure out a better way to record my recipes. When I am throwing together a new idea I usually don't realize it might be a recipe I'd like to share with you until I am half way into making it. I grab a scrap of paper, the back of an envelop, or one of the half dozen tablets I use to jot down my ransom thoughts. More times than not I find the recipe later with no title and odd scratchings about whisking 1/4 cup cake flour into two beaten eggs.

The pizza pictured above was wonderful. It included all sorts of tasty winter vegetables: potatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, and arugula. The sauce was a cream cheese play on Ranch dressing, flavored with dill, chives, and tarragon. I am telling you, this was one fine pizza.

But until I locate the recipe, scribbled haphazardly on three post-it notes or perhaps the back of a Christmas card, you'll just have to trust me.


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