Comfort me with brownies?

In our house we seem to get sick in pairs. If our event was in the Olympics, Oskar and I could compete for a team medal in Sneezing.

Oskar is pulling a Bob Costas with a rotten case of conjunctivitis. In humans this is often known as pink eye, in cats it can be a symptom of feline herpes. Either condition is ironically appropriate for Valentine's Week, although as slowly as Bob is healing I'd recommend he visit our vet for some better medications.

My malady is likely common cold with a whistling-lung chaser.

Oskar and I are convalescing together and hoping we feel better in time to celebrate tomorrow's love fest. Right now all I really want are clean pajamas, my favorite quilt, chicken soup, and a warm fuzzy cat to sleep in my lap (with or without the sneezing). Perhaps tomorrow I'll reach for some chocolate.

If you are feeling spunky enough to do some baking, head over to Called to the Table for a fantastic Nutella Brownie recipe.  


frimp said…
Cat herpes? What color ribbon should I be wearing?
patrice said…
Combat cat herpes now, frimp. The cat herpes ribbon is red polka dots on pink.

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