Bulking up on biscuits

It is a good thing for a home cook to have a foodie muse. Most of my ideas come from favorite cookbooks and chefs, restaurants, and inventive friends. But fairly often I'll get a great idea from T.

When T and I first met he didn't think about food very much. You know the type: infidels who forget to eat lunch and subsist on gas station sandwiches and ramen noodles. They don't know or care where their next meal is coming from, and they certainly don't start planning the weekend menu while brewing Monday morning's coffee. (Honestly, I envy the dissenters. Imagine the time I'd free up if I wasn't constantly obsessing about food.)

Gradually my devotion to repast rubbed off on T. I suppose he didn't have a choice. When a semi truck is coming at you full speed in the rear-view mirror you either step on the gas or get out of the way. He'd be happy eating chicken fingers and mashed potatoes everyday, but he'd mix it up with a stack of salmon and tuna nigiri and a dark chocolate truffle. I admire a man who is open to trying new things and also appreciates comfort and simplicity.

T loves the cilantro lime rice that a certain chain restaurant serves inside of their burritos. I love warm biscuits. Combining cilantro and lime with flaky buttermilk biscuits was a super first date that is quickly becoming a permanent relationship. I wrote about these biscuits at Called to the Table this week, and I know they'll show up on the dinner table again soon.


Anonymous said…
Ha! So I'm not the only one planning weekend meals a week ahead LOL.

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