Potato potatah

With friends over happy hour the other night we talked about what we spend our money on. I don't think twice about spending $7 for a bag of organic potatoes (although I balk when the 70 cent green onions look questionable and are stamped "Product of Mexico"). When I eat out, I want the best and occasionally that means plunking down a bit of cash. Even our cats eat well with their grain-free diet purchased from a fancy pet food shop.

In my youth I spent money on clothes and shoes. Later, education took its toll on my bank account. Raising my daughter wasn't inexpensive. Now, access to good food and drink makes me feel decadent.

I've got a sister who spends her money and time traveling. She'd no sooner spend $100 for a fancy dinner than I'd go on a 3-week cruise. We each believe the other is missing out. Differences make the world go 'round.


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