Notes from the feline underground: Saintly City Cat Show

Spend enough time with your cat, and you start to see the world as a calm and beautiful place. As Martha used to say, that is a good thing. In our house, cat companions are expected to indulge in the occasional selfie. T is proud of all of our fur kids, none more than Orson, especially after hanging out at this weekend's annual cat show. "He is a good looking boy," T said. He then added (as usual), "There is no bigger cat in all of the Twin Cities." I gently reminded him that obesity is not a badge of honor, and cat shows do not award ribbons for Largest Pet Ever.

If you've never been to a cat show, you are missing out. This weekend hundreds of purring Persians, Maine Coons, Domestic Shorthairs and their guardians braved the Winter Carnival revelers to convene at the River Centre in St. Paul where they cuddled and competed, and were adored by fervent feline fans. There is even a category for non-purebreds. Thankfully I convinced T that our cats are not ready for the show ring.


ooo it looks like you had so much fun! hilarious how much some of them look like their humans.
patrice said…
These cats really do look like their owners! Owner-pet twins are not just for dogs.

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